The unit of Human Resources (HR) has a significant strategic role in DAGİ due to the value attributed to the humans. HR has a structure which adopted a contemporary and solution focused approach and which is effective in the strategic decisions of our company.

The unit of Human Resources executes its activities in the direction of DAGİ's targets on the basis of efficient working, proactive approach, being objective and just in collaboration with both central administrative – technical units and with its stores in the field.

Our basic principle in selection and placement in DAGİ is providing our candidates having the qualifications required by the vacant position to participate in the DAGİ Family, to provide all sorts of support to our employees on their way of career and to walk on the road to the target together.

The applications for the vacant positions are accepted via

For our vacant positions within our company the priority is for our internal source, namely our own personnel. Our internal candidates who find himself/herself suitable for the task are included in the selection process considering their directors and performances.

In addition to authorizations and responsibilities of our personnel getting promotion in DAGİ his/her wage is increased in conformity with the new position.

The purpose of the training system applied is to provide our successful students among those who study the chance for training in various units within our company, to observe their potentials and performances, and to include those who respond the expectations of DAGİ in our organization

As DAGİ we perform performance assessment application twice a year in order to encourage and appreciate the success of our employees, to detect their work satisfaction levels – career targets – training and development requirements and to develop our human resource together with our organization. As a result of assessment performed powerful characters of our employees and their aspects to be developed are detected and development plans peculiar to the employees are structured together with the relevant unit directors and action plans are created. It is aimed to develop our employees and their performances through the interim assessment and feedbacks performed in the year.